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Gauss  is a consultancy firm specialised in all areas of climate changeair qualityenergy and environment.

Our core activity is applied research providing expert assistance and support and sound data analysis, customized tools, good practice guidance and sustainable development policies evaluation.

The team is composed by engineers and researchers with a multidisciplinary background – statistics, economics, environmental sciences and programming – as well as multilingual competences and broad international experience.

Gauss main clients include international organizations such as the UNDPUNFCCCUNECEEEAEuropean Commission, the European Parliament and various ministries and national administrations (Ministry of Environment of Spain, Federal Public Service of the Environment of Belgium, Ministry of Ecology of France, European National Statistical Institutes, etc.).

Gauss has extensive in-country experience in EuropeLatin America and the Caribbean and Africa.

We benefit from having a professional team with all the necessary skills for the development of innovative projects – from inventory compilation and modelling (projections), to the assessment of policies and measures and the provision of scientifically based policy recommendations.

We are committed to provide transparent and comprehensive services based on a direct and continuous contact with the client and stakeholder’s engagement through meetings, workshops, task forces and working groups.

We use our experience and scientific and technical expertise to guide governments and stakeholders in their actions for sustainable development and for respecting international obligations and commitments in the field of climate change. These activities take always into account the work conducted within the scientific community.

We have a broad experience across many market sectors, geographical locations and institutions and have completed many assignments, often working with complex programme structures involving many organisational and government stakeholders.

We ensure empathy, honesty and integrity combined with responsible discussion and reporting. The approach is to implement a transfer of knowledge and capacity building perspectives along the projects duration.

María José (Pepa) López

Director || Researcher

Chemistry degree and Master in environmental engineering and management.

Over 25 years’ experience in research and consultancy on sustainability issues. In-country experience in over 60 countries through missions covering assessments, monitoring, training and reviews, capacity building, technical support and expert advice in climate change and energy policies and measures, energy statistics, greenhouse gas emissions, material flows, environmental economics, waste generation and management and resources efficiency.

European Comission Vice-chair and expert evaluator of environmental and energy research proposals.

UNFCCC Lead reviewer.

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Juan-L Martín Ortega

Researcher || Consultant

Degree in Environmental Sciences, Degree in economics and PhD(c) in economics.

Researcher and consultant in environmental economics. Expertise on climate change and air quality, particularly in the areas of air emission inventories compilation, emissions modelling, policy analysis and green finance.

UNFCCC and CRLTAP expert reviewer.

Chair of the Compliance Committee of the Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTR).

Ana Derly Pulido

Researcher || Consultant

Chemical Engineer degree and a MSc on Environmental Engineering specialised in air quality and GHG emissions.

Ana has more than 14 years’ experience in the development of GHG emission inventories, development of scenarios and in the identification and assessment of mitigation policies and measures. Ana has been coordinator of the GHG emission inventory and mitigation report of Colombia and has developed an integrated MRV system for the transparent NDC tracking.

UNFCCC expert reviewer.

Ioannis Sempos

Associate Expert || Emission Inventories & projections

Chemical Engineer, MBA and PhD (NTUA, 2011).

Research and Teaching Associate at NTUA (January 2005-ongoing) and coordinator and scientific responsible of the team of NTUA for reporting under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Kyoto Protocol and DG CLIMA (2007-today), in particular National GHG Inventory Reports, National Communications, Biennial Reports, KP initial reports, etc. as well as NECD inventories and projections.

UNFCCC lead reviewer.

Sander Akkermans

Researcher || Consultant

Sander Akkermans holds a master’s degree in environment and resource management and is environmental consultant on climate change and sustainability issues. Sander has a solid experience in the development of GHG emission inventories under the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC) and in climate change policy analysis. Furthermore, Sander has experience in corporate social responsibility, producing greenhouse gas emission inventories in order to obtain external CO2 performance ladder certificates. He has also been involved in establishing the groundwork for new carbon offsetting initiatives for a non-profit governmental organisation, which has granted him experience in a broad field of social and environmental challenges.

Adriana Rodriguez- Pardo

Office Coordinator

Adriana speaks fluently 3 languages, and has extensive experience in HR coordination, outreach and networking, and in the preparation of bids for international tenders.

Daniela Da Costa

Researcher || Consultant

Daniela Da Costa is a Civil Engineer with a Specialization in Energy and Environment and a Master´s Degree on Environmental Design and New Technologies. Currently working as an Environmental Consultant, Daniela specializes on climate change mitigation, renewable energies, energy efficiency and waste management. She has experience as an Environmental Engineering Research Assistant estimating the biogas generation of municipal solid waste with the aim to reduce fugitive emissions from sanitary landfill management. Additional experience focuses on energy efficiency methods to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of the building sector.

Javier Chornet García

Researcher || Consultant

Javier holds a PhD in theoretical physics and a master’s degree in mathematics, specialized in differential equations. Currently working as an Environmental Consultant at Gauss, Javier has solid experience working with data, mathematics, and research projects and is specialized in climate models. Before working in Gauss, Javier was involved in several research projects, managing big data and making physics of complex systems. Furthermore, Javier has taken several courses of Data Science and Machine Learning. Javier is very familiar with the field of modeling and forecasting climate, transport, and mitigation policy impacts.

Pedro Puente

Researcher || Consultant

Pedro Puente holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences and a master’s degree in environmental management and engineering. Pedro specialise in big data and its application to GHG emission inventories and projections. Pedro supports a wide range of projects at Gauss, bringing its technical expertise in mitigation, carbon footprint estimation, and application of Agile methodologies. Before joining Gauss, Pedro estimated the carbon footprint of municipalities in Spain, proposing mitigation action plans based on the emissions profile of each municipality. Furthermore, Pedro has experience working as a laboratory technician and data analysis in the feeding and water quality sector.

Steffi Acar

Researcher || Consultant

Junior consultant at Gauss International consulting specializing in climate & development economics. Steffi supports a wide range of projects at Gauss, providing essential insights based on her international experience and multidisciplinary background. Steffi is currently finishing a BSc in environment and development at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Before joining Gauss, Steffi was a research apprentice at the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at the University of Berkeley, California.

Ángel Gabriel Rivas Fonfría

Researcher || Consultant

Ángel Gabriel Rivas Fonfría. Data scientist with over five years of experience in consultancy. Ángel holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and extensive experience in international consulting. At Gauss, Ángel is responsible for maintaining and developing customized IT tools for data handling and processing. Furthermore, Ángel is specialized in the AFOLU sector and supports a wide range of projects at Gauss related to emission inventories and projections projects at international level. Before joining Gauss, he was involved in several consultancy projects regarding the operationalization of national elections for different countries, supporting the development of the necessary software for the correct delivery of the results, from voter registration to vote count and reporting of results. Currently, he is specializing in applied statistics, information processing, and machine learning.

Théo Rouhette

Researcher || Consultant

Théo holds a BSc in Biodiversity and Conservation and an MSc in ecosystem services. Theo has experience in data analysis, geographic information systems, and remote sensing applied to geospatial analysis to support policy assessments. Théo has been the scientific coordinator and editor of the Ecobiose scientific committee for the publication of an assessment report on the role of biodiversity in regional socio-ecosystems. Furthermore, Théo has experience as a research assistant for a project to develop a bioenergy-based electrification strategy for rural communities in Africa. At Gauss, Théo supports a wide range of projects related to data processing, policy assessments, biodiversity, and adaptation to climate change.