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We offer consulting services in the areas of climate change, air quality, energy and environment.

Gauss is specialized in applied research – data analysis and sustainable development policies evaluation. The team is composed by engineers and researchers with a multidisciplinary background – statistics, economics, civil engineering, physics, chemistry, environmental sciences and programming – as well as multilingual competences and broad international experience. The team is composed of 8 consultants from different countries covering native experts in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and German.

Our approach

  • Specialized support for the collection and processing of data, statistical analysis, development of indicators, customized tools and databases.
  • Elaboration of inventories and projections. Assessments of socio-economic and environmental impacts.
  • Policy analysis and modelling, advice and recommendations to help in policy making.
  • Support in the field of sustainable development, in national, European and international reporting obligations.
  • Elaboration of technical reports and publication.
  • Capacity building and networking activities at international level.
gauss international approach

Gauss benefits from having a professional team sharing common values and with all the necessary skills for the development of innovative projects – from data compilation and modelling, to the assessment of policies and measures and the provision of scientifically-based policy recommendations.

In all projects, Gauss is committed to provide transparent and comprehensive services based on a direct and continuous contact with the clients and ensuring stakeholder’s engagement through networking, meetings, workshops, task forces and working groups.

Gauss uses a transfer of knowledge approach in every step of each project, aiming at building capacity with our clients and stakeholders. Given that projects have to solve a problem and provide recommendations in the areas in which there is room for improvements, Gauss team ensures empathy, honesty and integrity combined with responsible discussion and reporting. The approach is to implement a knowledge exchange and capacity building perspective along the projects’ duration.


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